The most terrible failure of man is his inability to find formulas for fair and stable coexistence. Women and men of all ages confident that, as we walked away from barbarism, would reach higher levels of humanity, yet, despite advances in knowledge in all disciplines of knowledge, we can not overcome the ancestral worst instincts.

Thus, the attitude of those who have sacrificed their lives for the weak should receive love and appreciation of those who share his ideals. This is why I intend to rescue from oblivion and show my gratitude to some of the many human beings, infinitely generous and victims of the powerful of all time.

The aim of this gallery of portraits is not limited to express my personal aesthetic vision of the deepest feelings of the characters. Nor have I wanted to set me alone on the mere geography of their faces. I wish that this work could form the framework from which thinkers, poets and writers raise their voices to the attention of so many sleeping consciences and renew a message that the culture of the times, with all its unlimited means, intended to bury forever.