Puebla is an expressionist painter, with a strong vocation and faithful to a plastic universe. The work reflects his concerns and the social commitment and brings out specially the problems of his time, the anguish of humans through the expressive power of the colour and the stroke.



Teo Puebla has received numerous awards, including the National Illustration Award, Ministry of Culture, the first award in watercolour in the contest “IXth Salón de Otoño” (Plasencia), the first award in XVIIth Painting Contest (Leon), Distinguished Painter Plate, from the Association of Spanish Writers and Artists (Madrid). He has exhibited in numerous art galleries and also in European and American institutions such as Urban Gallery, School of Fine Arts of Toledo, Provincial Museum of Albacete, La Salina (Salamanca), “Palacio del Infantado” Provincial Museum (Guadalajara), Cultural Centre “Conde Duque” (Madrid), “Palacio de las Alhajas” (Madrid), Cultural Centre of the Village (Madrid), George Pompidou Center (Paris), Art Echo Gallery (Texas, USA), Cervantes Institute (Cairo, Egypt), “Realtá” Gallery (Italy).

His work is among private collections and institutions in Spain, Europe and America. “La Celestina” Museum exhibits permanently the thirty-two paintings created to commemorate the fifth centenary of this book, one of the greatest of the spanish literature.